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The Old American Dream Included a Picket Fence

The old American dream included a picket fence. Aren’t picket fences dangerous?


Before jumping a picket fence I would think about the function of the pickets. A bit dangerous, yes, but at least they are serving a purpose. Some say the pickets prevent water from sitting atop the fence and splitting the wood, and that may be true. But I tend to lean towards the idea that they mimic old spiked fences put up to discourage intruders and would-be-fence-jumpers (human or animal). Whatever the reason for those dare-to-be-dangerous little pickets, picket fences are quite functional. And the space between the slats allows for air circulation not to mention saving a little bit of money since less material is used than what is used in a solid fence. And picket fences can be very pretty. Who doesn’t enjoy taking in the sight of flowers bursting with color against the simplicity of a white picket fence?

picket fence

Dangerous or not, if you pick a fence with pickets let Florida Fence Outlet be part of your picket fence picking project. Call us today at 407-277-8738.


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