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Is There a Difference Between Vinyl Fence and PVC Fence?


Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between vinyl fence and PVC Fence?

Unless someone is making a fence by cutting PVC pipes, vinyl and PVC fence are the same thing in the fence industry.

Difference Between Vinyl Fence and PVC Fence

PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride so the words vinyl and PVC can be used interchangeably. If you really want to get technical, vinyl is a broader term that refers to several different ethylene-based compounds. There are polyethylene vinyl acetates (PEVA) – think shower curtain; polyvinyl acetates (PVA) – think about paints/adhesives. The only type of vinyl used in fencing is PVC – it has a chlorine molecule that other vinyls don’t have which is why we can use vinyl fence and PVC fence to refer to the same thing.

PVC fence is a type of vinyl that is molded into panels that simulate a wood fence counterpart. Of course there are many advantages of PVC fence over a wooden fence. PVC fence doesn’t rot and is basically low maintenance in that it doesn’t need painting, only an occasional cleaning.

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Is there a difference  between vinyl fence and PVC fence?  What do you think now?

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