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Will A Fence Increase The Value Of Your Home?

Will A Fence Increase The Value Of Your Home?


A question we are constantly asked here at FFO is: “Will building a fence increase the value of your home”?

Well, that is actually a very important question, so we thought we would answer it in today’s blog post.

Not to sound like a politician, but the answer is not as simple as yes or no.  There are many variables that will determine the answer.  Today, however, let’s take a look at just two of those variables.

Take Into Consideration Your Neighborhood


Do you live in a gated community where every home seems to have a vinyl privacy fence?  If this is the case, adding a privacy fence will definitely make your property more attractive to sellers while standing out as fenceless will drop the resale value.

Yet, if in the same neighborhood, you install a chain link fence, it will undoubtedly do nothing for your resale value except possibly lower it as it may appear to be an eyesore in the community.

A fence contractor such as FFO can evaluate your local community and neighborhood and provide the professional advice you need regarding what type of fence will best increase your home worth.


Consider The Price


Many people take every opportunity to save a few dollars.  This makes fiscal sense unless you are purchasing a product that won’t last.

Many fence companies install fences that are made from less than stellar materials or are built with shoddy workmanship.

And while you may save money on the front end, you will end up losing a fortune if your fence begins to sag, rot, etc, in a year or two.

A fence that is not maintained properly will 100% reduce the resale value of your home.  Your property is much too important to scrimp with a fly-by-night company.

At Florida Fence Outlet, we have been in business for many years and boast thousands of happy customers.


Final Words


So will adding a fence increase the value of my home?  In most cases, the answer is yes.  A fence is invaluable to families with kids and dogs.  Just make sure the fence matches your neighborhood.

Will A Fence Increase The Value Of Your Home?  You bet it will?

Contact us today to get your new fence today!

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Will A Fence Increase The Value Of Your Home

Is There a Difference Between Vinyl Fence and PVC Fence?


Have you ever wondered if there is a difference between vinyl fence and PVC Fence?

Unless someone is making a fence by cutting PVC pipes, vinyl and PVC fence are the same thing in the fence industry.

Difference Between Vinyl Fence and PVC Fence

PVC stands for Poly Vinyl Chloride so the words vinyl and PVC can be used interchangeably. If you really want to get technical, vinyl is a broader term that refers to several different ethylene-based compounds. There are polyethylene vinyl acetates (PEVA) – think shower curtain; polyvinyl acetates (PVA) – think about paints/adhesives. The only type of vinyl used in fencing is PVC – it has a chlorine molecule that other vinyls don’t have which is why we can use vinyl fence and PVC fence to refer to the same thing.

PVC fence is a type of vinyl that is molded into panels that simulate a wood fence counterpart. Of course there are many advantages of PVC fence over a wooden fence. PVC fence doesn’t rot and is basically low maintenance in that it doesn’t need painting, only an occasional cleaning.

It doesn’t matter if you say vinyl Fence or I say PVC Fence, let Florida Fence Outlet help you choose an alternative to wood fence. Call your PVC Fence specialist today – Florida Fence Outlet at 407-277-8738.

Is there a difference  between vinyl fence and PVC fence?  What do you think now?

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Humorous Fence Quotes and Quips:


Check out a few humorous fence quotes below!

fence quotes

 FLORIDA FENCE OUTLET gives a nod today to Sophia Loren who said, “A woman’s dress should be like a barbed wire fence, serving its purpose without obstructing the view”. Enough said.


She wants the kids, the cars, the house, and the white picket fence. I said sure, I can give you a fence.”
― Jarod Kintz, This Book is Not FOR SALE


“Love your neighbor as yourself; but don’t take down the fence.”

Carl Sandburg


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Have  you been wondering if board-on-board is the same as shadow box fence?

Some people refer to these as one and the same, but they are actually different if you want to get right down to technicalities.

Shadow box fencing is constructed of a system of posts and rails, just as for any picket or panel fence. There are vertical fence boards on both sides of the horizontal rails, staggering the verticals from one side to the other so they cover the gaps between the vertical boards on the opposite side. But these gaps only appear covered as you look directly at the fence. The boards block a direct sightline, but is only a semi-privacy fence since you are able to see to the other side as you look at it from indirect angles.

Board on Board provides absolute privacy and is slightly cheaper than the Shadowbox Fence. Vertical boards are staggered with no rails or gaps between them. Any gaps that are purposely produced, since there are a variety of ways to construct a board-on-board fence, are covered with a smaller width of vertical strips of wood.

So, in short, if you think it’s a shadow box fence but can’t see through any part of the fence as you move around the fencing it is board on board.

The main thing is to make sure you and your fence estimator have the same vision for the end result. Let Florida Fence Outlet take the worry out of what type of fence it’s called and install the design YOU like. Call Florida Fence Outlet at 407-277-8738 and you can call your fence anything you want.

So, is board-on-board the same as shadow box fence? Absolutely not!

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The Old American Dream Included a Picket Fence

The old American dream included a picket fence. Aren’t picket fences dangerous?


Before jumping a picket fence I would think about the function of the pickets. A bit dangerous, yes, but at least they are serving a purpose. Some say the pickets prevent water from sitting atop the fence and splitting the wood, and that may be true. But I tend to lean towards the idea that they mimic old spiked fences put up to discourage intruders and would-be-fence-jumpers (human or animal). Whatever the reason for those dare-to-be-dangerous little pickets, picket fences are quite functional. And the space between the slats allows for air circulation not to mention saving a little bit of money since less material is used than what is used in a solid fence. And picket fences can be very pretty. Who doesn’t enjoy taking in the sight of flowers bursting with color against the simplicity of a white picket fence?

picket fence

Dangerous or not, if you pick a fence with pickets let Florida Fence Outlet be part of your picket fence picking project. Call us today at 407-277-8738.


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“I Live Out of the Country….Can’t You Just Go Measure My Property and Give Me a Quote?”


“I Live Out of the Country….Can’t You Just Go Measure My Property and Give Me a Quote?”


Fencing requirement cannot be ignored.

Normally we like to meet with you to discuss fencing requirements and options, method of payment, contract signatures, etc. Do you own the home? Is there a homeowner’s association? Is it in a guarded or gated community? If it is your rental property your tenants would need to be notified that our estimator will be walking the property. Also, do you have a sketch of your home and where you want the placement of the fence? Is there someone that could meet with our estimator and act on your behalf?

This also falls under the same type of situation as the blog regarding “Why can’t you just give me a quote over the phone?”- the difference being it is an even harder situation.

fencing requirements


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So what’s the truth about fence etiquette?

Anything you do to your property can affect your neighbor’s property values and their relationships with you. It’s surprising how far a little fence etiquette will go to staying on good terms with neighbors. I know it’s YOUR fence, and you are paying for it and you feel it’s none of THEIR business, but we are talking about manners here – not mandatory, but extending a little courtesy is usually well received. For example, it’s good manners to have the finished side of the fence facing your neighbors. Once installed on your property it’s your responsibility to keep your fence looking nice and in good repair. That one just makes sense in keeping good relationships with your neighbors. After all, once your fence is in place it becomes a feature of the entire neighborhood.

fence etiquette
Having fence manners doesn’t mean you are trying to get your neighbors approval of your project. You don’t have to go into heavy details about your fence project – just that you are having some fencing put up and the approximate scope of the project.   You may learn they have some concerns, for instance, about plants, trees, or shrubs they’ve cultivated along their bordering property line. Or maybe they’re afraid a fence will obstruct a good view of a nice feature. Wouldn’t you like the chance to calm their concerns ahead of time rather than when you are in the middle of your project?

Maybe the fact that a fence is a “barrier” makes it hard to discuss this type of project with neighbors in the first place. But what we are talking about here is just common courtesy. Too bad that in many cases courtesy is not so common.   Are you afraid that any discussion with neighbors will turn into a legal battle? Do your homework regarding legal issues and rights. In the meantime, don’t let your fence project become a barrier to being neighborly.

Call Florida Fence Outlet for a free consultation and estimate for your fencing needs! Call 407-277-8738 today!

So is there such as thing as fence etiquette? You bet!

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How Can I Tell if the Fence I Want to Take Down and Replace is on My Property or My Neighbor’s?


How Can I Tell if the Fence I Want to Take Down and Replace is on My Property or My Neighbor’s?

Many a fight has been fought over boundary issues. If you really want to be assured of where your boundary lines are then get a professional survey.

We are a fence company, not professional surveyors, even though we do sometimes try to help locate boundary markers for you. But even the markers are not always correct and we cannot be held responsible for putting a fence in the wrong place.


chain link fence
There is no physical feature on your property that is an “absolute” indicator of what is your property which is why we leave it up to you to make sure your fencing is on your property. Don’t rely on old fencing as the legal indicator for your new fencing. For whatever reason that prior fence may not have been built on your legal property line. Even if you are only one inch over your property line you may risk having to tear down a newly constructed fence. Study your house line drawing or order a new survey from a professional to be sure of boundaries.


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Do I Need a Building Permit to Put Up a Fence?


Do I Need a Building Permit to Put Up a Fence?

Are you curious about a building permit?
There are few things in life one can count on. But if you want “ to build” a fence, count on getting a “building” permit. Even if you live outside city limits (unincorporated) you will be required to get a permit. Are there ever any instances where a permit may not be required? Yes, perhaps in some really rural areas, or if you are repairing or replacing, let’s say, “One (1) panel worth” of fence. Each city/county may differ in their requirements. Just count on needing a permit and be pleasantly surprised if you don’t.

building permit
A good fence company usually will pull the permit for you and either itemize the expense or include it in the overall price of the job.

The permit is required so that the fence will be built to legal & code specifications. The city/county will be given your fencing plans, along with your application and usually a survey, and if they feel it meets their requirements they will give the go ahead for you to proceed with the fence project. When the job is finished a building code inspector from the city/county will check to make sure that it was really built as approved. This step is just as important as getting the ok to proceed. Make sure your fence has been inspected and the final approval received.

Ask your knowledgeable fence company – that would be us, Florida Fence Outlet – to help you with this part of the fencing experience. Call 407-277-8738 today for your free consultation and estimate!


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What Fence Material Will Last in the Florida Sun?


What Fence Material Will Last in the Florida Sun?


Curious about the durability of fence material?

How long can you stand outside in the hot, humid, Florida sunshine? Just a few minutes outside and stick a fork in me because I’m done.

fence material

The Florida sun is also hard on wood fences. And that is sad. It is the most environmentally friendly fence option. You’d think the environment would return the favor. Not so. The Florida sun will be particularly mean to it, causing it to fade very quickly. Wood fencing also swells and expands with the humidity and can mildew which is why you need to snap a picture the day of installation because that is the best it will ever look.   On the other hand, if you like to paint and customize, wood fence may be right for you. We’re not down on wood fencing. We are happy to install it beautifully for you. The Florida sun is the enemy here.

Vinyl fencing has advantages over wood fencing and will last longer than most other fence products.

Whereas time is the enemy for wood, time is where you see your savings benefit with vinyl. Although its price point is higher than wood the value is in that longevity. It requires little maintenance and never needs painting because it won’t fade from constant exposure to the suns UV rays. Storms are this fence’s worst natural enemy, not the sun.

And that brings us to chain link and wrought iron fence. Wrought iron is more expensive than chain link but both are about the same as far as withstanding the Florida sun. Most are powder coated (think of how your car is painted) so will withstand the environment. But since they are metal they will rust (again, think of your car). Rust and storms are these fence’s worst natural enemies. But interestingly, after a hurricane go around and check which type of fencing is still standing. Surprisingly it is chain link. It’s not as pretty as other types of fence and doesn’t afford privacy, yet will still provide barrier protection in addition to helping keep your children and pets in a specific area for their own safety. The Chain Link fence can also be coated brown or green to help it blend in with the environment.

You have a lot to consider when choosing your fence. The environmental factor is just one aspect. Let Florida Fence Outlet help you choose a fence that will be the right investment for you as you enjoy living in the sunshine state. Call 407-277-8738 today!

Florida Fence Outlet is the fence material expert!

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