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Gate Operators

Gate Operators

Here at Florida Fence Outlet we offer automatic gate operators and openers, and solar and electric gate opener systems from light residential systems to heavy duty commercial systems.

Gates of all types: chain link, wooden, aluminum ornamental, or even PVC faced gates, can be opened or closed by the use of a motorized operator, so no matter what your aesthetic preference is for your home or business, we can create the perfect gate for your needs.

Control of the gate can be by manual push button control, or automated with a variety of access control systems and devices. Access control systems offer many choices of controlled access and free access devices for your automated gate:

  • Digital keypads
  • Card readers
  • PC software
  • Vehicle identification
  • Telephone entry
  • Wireless communication
  • Vehicle loop detectors
  • Photoelectric controls
  • Radios
  • …and many more



Many manufacturers of residential gate operator units exist. We use only reliable operators that will give you years of trouble free operation. We do not sell lower quality units as you may or may not have trouble free operation. Many of the lower cost units cannot be properly maintained and turn into “throw away” units should you have problems.

There is a wide range of costs for the operator(s) that we may choose to present to you. Most important is the size and weight of the gate and the number of operations (opening and closing cycles) that you would anticipate per day.

Operators can be high voltage (110 or 220 volt) or low voltage (24VDC). The low voltage operator have a high voltage source to charge the batteries which run the system. These operators will operate in the event of a power failure. Some of the high voltage operators also have battery backup options.

Think about how you want to enter and exit the gate. If you want automatic closing after entrance. Do you need others to enter your property? Is an intercom or phone system necessary?

With today’s ever–changing technology, let Florida Fence Outlet help you choose and install the system that is best suited to your needs. Contact us today to discuss which option is best for your home.

Florida Fence Outlet is your gate operators expert!

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