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PVC Fence

PVC Fence

Are you searching for the perfect PVC fence?

PVC fencing or Vinyl fencing is made from polyvinyl chloride. Manufacturers mix PVC resin with ultraviolet inhibitors, toners and stabilizers to form vinyl fence panels that are malleable. When the panels dry, they become rigid and resilient. The process allows vinyl fencing to be made in many styles and sizes with fence caps and decorative tops.

Numerous styles of vinyl fencing are available for any application. A PVC fence works well to define or divide garden areas while allowing a view into those areas. Privacy and semi-privacy fences are solid on the bottom to keep neighbors from seeing into private locations. Semi-privacy vinyl fences usually have an opening or semi-opening, such as lattice, above the solid area. Ranch-rail fencing is a good choice for large areas; it provides large openings between its horizontal rails.


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All of our vinyl fences are proudly made in the USA to exacting standards and using the most advanced materials possible, Providing maximum privacy and minimal maintenance, wide variety of vinyl fence systems complement virtually any architectural style, from historical   to contemporary. We offer a complete line of PVC fencing, from vinyl horse fences and privacy fences to vinyl pool fences and vinyl picket fences in an outstanding array of sizes, styles and colors. And, you’ll find all of the accessories you need to truly customize your vinyl fence look and function. A cost-effective and attractive alternative to wood, our vinyl fencing is easy to maintain with simple soap and water.

At Florida Fence Outlet, our goal is to provide the best customer experience possible. From our uncompromising customer service and our unbeatable prices, Florida Fence Outlet does whatever it takes to make our customers happy – from the time you order to the day you relax and enjoy your new view.

Florida Fence Outlet is the PVC Fence expert!

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