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Sports Fence

Sports Fence

Looking for a reliable sports fence solution for your sports stadium or other athletic facility in Florida? At Florida Fence Outlet, we deliver maintenance-free, galvanized and vinyl-coated chain link fence systems that offer the level of durability and security you need at an affordable price.

Our sports and athletic fencing installations are perfect for:

  • Baseball fields
  • Softball fields
  • Tennis courts
  • Football stadiums
  • Soccer stadiums



Sports and athletic fence systems typically are constructed using galvanized or vinyl coated chain link fence, heavier gauges, 9 gauge and 6 gauge fence are preferred to withstand the constant abuse and heavy usage required of these systems.

Fencing around athletic fields for baseball, softball and tennis is crucial to safety, enjoyment for players and fans, and to define boundaries. For cities, private clubs, recreation centers, schools, and even for private residences, creating the proper fencing for outdoor sports facilities is an important need. Florida Fence Outlet considers this type of fencing to be a specialty, and we carry all the products you need for any facility. Our fence designers can create the fence that fit your facility, our expert installation crews can quickly build any athletic fencing you require.


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